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for leaders and professionals who want more

Wondering how you ended up here?
What if I could help you create the fabulous future you REALLY want?

Are you frustrated and overthinking, or flat lining in your career or life –
because happiness is always on the horizon and never within reach?

Do you find yourself putting on a confident front,
while secretly struggling with nagging doubts and fears?

It can feel like you’re constantly spinning plates, not knowing where to put your focus, or how or make things better. You can feel like you’ve lost your true self and happiness seems like a distant dream

How do I know?

Because I’ve been there.

Mindset coaching changed my life and opened up a whole new world of possibilities. I want this for you too!

This is why I have made it my mission to help others to the same.

So tell me…

Are you ready to start creating the fabulous future you deserve?

Are you ready to step into your personal power and swap the worrying, overthinking and stressing for complete acceptance. belief and trust in yourself?

That’s great!

Because I want you to be empowered, motivated and focused in your life and work. I want you to enjoy the feeling of inner peace and confidence that will allow you to regain control of your life and start REALLY enjoying it again.

It’s time to…

stop overthinking

start practicing self-care 

reduce your stress levels and improve your wellness

improve your productivity (without burning out!)

create a life balance that you’ve always believed was impossible

And it’s time to do this with more self belief than you EVER thought you could have.

Because when you start to accept, believe in and trust yourself completely (and stop comparing yourself to others) you – and your confidence – become unstoppable.

It’s time to…

Stop overthinking

Start practicing self-care

Reduce your stress levels and Improve your wellness

Improve your productivity (without burning out!)

Create a life balance that you’ve always believed was impossible

And it’s time to do this with more self belief than you EVER thought you could have.

Because when you start to accept, believe in and trust yourself completely (and stop comparing yourself to others) you – and your confidence – become unstoppable.


As it was for these fabulous people who have already experienced my life changing coaching:

I can’t recommend Jeff enough.

I managed a very stressful situation after the intervention without a thought and had a positive outcome. It wasn’t until afterwards that I had realised I had done it and felt amazing! I can’t recommend Jeff enough.

Ms S


The kinetic shift was incredible

I was introduced to Jeff via a recommendation. I was initially sceptical of how NLP can possibly work on me! I still don’t know how he did it, the kinetic shift was incredible, I felt the stress moving from my body and I felt so much lighter afterwards! I recommend Jeff very highly.

Tracy Svenik

Business Owner

Jeff is worth his weight in gold!

He is absolutely brilliant at getting you out of your own way. Whatever the problem, he seems to have the ability to get your head to work with the solution.

I can’t recommend him highly enough!

Stacey Clausen

Accountant & Business Owner

What is a mindset coach?

If you’ve never worked with a mindset coach before, and you’re not sure exactly what it is that I do, just imagine for a moment that you have:

  • a confidence coach
  • a life coach
  • a success coach
  • a performance coach
  • a wellbeing coach
  • an NLP coach
  • a meditation teacher
  • a Reiki practitioner
  • and a TFT practitioner

But rather than having to work with nine different people, instead you were able to roll them all together into one super package.

Well, in a nutshell, this is ME!

Most importantly, this means I have a myriad of tried-and-tested methods to help you succeed.

Why mindset coaching works

Mindset coaching works on changing the way you think.

It’s all about removing the old patterns, beliefs and thoughts that are keeping you stuck and holding you back from having, doing and being all that you truly want in your life and work.

This is a coaching methodology that reprograms your thinking – a bit like adding new software – so that, just like an upgraded computer, you’re able to perform better, quicker and more effectively in all areas of your work and life.

Most coaches you come across are conscious mind coaches using traditional coaching techniques and models.

I can do this too.

But when you coach using the unconscious mind, the results are exponentially greater (and much longer lasting).

Imagine how life will feel when you:

✔ Gain the drive and motivation that come with replacing your nagging doubts and fears with unstoppable self belief and confidence

✔ Lose your need for pretend, surface confidence, because it is replaced with authentic, undeniable inner confidence

✔ Align your life goals with your values and beliefs, giving you unbelievable clarity and purpose

✔ Step into your true self, glowing on the inside and sparkling on the outside

✔ Get to enjoy the freedom you’ve achieved from creating and owning your fabulous future


I struggled to be authentically myself and to be really happy for most of my adult life.
And I DO NOT want that for you.

You deserve better.

That’s why I’ve developed the Creating Fabulous Futures® suite of coaching services.

Creating Fabulous Futures® is designed to offer you a coaching solution tailored to suit your exact needs. Together we’ll discuss your unique situation and requirements and decide on the best strategy to help you step into your true self and enjoy a fabulous future.

It’s designed to offer you the most effective tools, strategies and mindset work to achieve your desired outcome – and provide the best value for your investment.




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