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Have you always wanted to learn how to meditate or improve your skills?

Are you keen to experience some of the 141 benefits regular meditators have access to?

Maybe you’d like to improve your physical, mental, emotional and spritual health?


Only for you! Jeff of ELITE Breakthrough Solutions and Craig of Penguin Wealth have collaborated to bring you a VERY special INVITATION.
For 4 weeks you have FREE ACCESS to our Facebook Group so you can join Jeff to learn and immerse yourself in meditation the British School of Meditation way.


* What meditation is and what is isn’t
* Historical emergence of meditation
* 10 different types of meditation
* How to routinely practice meditation
* The scientific proof of meditation benefits
* The 141 potential benefits of meditation


Whether you are a complete beginner or an experienced meditator this is for you.

Using Jeff’s 15 years of meditation experience you will learn how to establish your personal practice in a sustainable way that you can maintain, develop and enjoy.  By following the British School of Meditation syllabus we will get the opportunity to experience the 10 methods of meditation together in a safe, secure group.

You will explore the theory and best practice of meditation so you know where it comes from, what it can help with and then really get to grips with the basics to get a solid foundation to build on in your individual practice.

You will experience each of the 10 methods, reflect on your experiences and discuss your findings as a group, deepening your understanding of the flexibility, application and different uses for the various meditations.

You will want to secure your place on this exclusive offer today. Simply click the button below, sign in and you will be added to our invite only Faceboook group. See you in there 🙂

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