When you have self acceptance, self belief and trust in yourself, true confidence is born.

When you have self acceptance, self belief and trust in yourself, true confidence is born.

This allows your PERSONAL POWER to truly glow inside and drive you confidently towards the fabulous future of fun, fulfilment and peace you really want.

This is what I want for YOU, too!

If you’re looking for a super experienced and effective mindset coach, with a proven track record of supporting hundreds of people, just like you, to achieve their version of success, I am here for you.

Start today and get your introductory chat booked. Let’s see if we are destined to work together.

Meet Jeff

A master coach who genuinely cares

Before starting my Creating Fabulous Futures® coaching business in 2018, I had a 30 year career as a senior manager. I enjoyed optimising both business and personal performance for a wide range of teams and individuals.

Previous clients have described me as a master coach who genuinely cares. I care that you have the VERY best outcome and experience from working with me.

I value respect, quality, fairness and growth. And you will see this in everything I do.

And I’m committed to continuing my own growth and development, so you can be sure you are getting the latest in mindset and coaching methods.

I am a qualified practitioner in:

  • Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP)
  • Reiki
  • Thought Field Therapy (TFT)
  • Kinetic Shift
  • OldPain2Go
  • Hypnosis and deep relaxation techniques
  • Time Line Therapy®

I am also a Certified mBIT coach and trainer, and BSOM Certified meditation teacher.

And from my corporate days, a Lean Six Sigma Master Black Belt, a PRINCE2 Project Manager and ISO9001 Lead Auditor.

I have degrees in Chemistry and Business, and an MSc in Leadership and Management.

Most importantly, I have experienced EVERY mindset coaching service I offer.

I used to live with a huge lack of confidence. I had the sleepless nights, worried I would be found out one day and thinking that everyone else was better than me. 

It’s draining to have to put on the ‘Cloak of Confidence’ every morning, to be able to face the world as the version of yourself you think you need to be for the world to accept you. It causes burnout. (I went through it three times; it’s not fun!)

I achieved the senior manager role, had the money, the house, the car. But what I didn’t have was a happy soul, a feeling of calm, inner peace or a sense of fulfilment that made me smile. 

Then I discovered mindset coaching, and it changed everything for me. 

I learned that I am totally capable of accepting myself as I am right now. (And I do.) 

I woke up to the fact that believing in myself 100% is totally doable (and yes, I do). This allows me to trust myself completely. (And you guessed it, I now do.)

And this is possible for you, too.

Communication, motivation, leadership and direction

My experience with Jeff has been exceptional. The communication, motivation, leadership and direction that I received has really helped me achieve my goals and enhanced my vision towards my career. I highly recommend Jeff.

Adeel Hasan

Safe and capable hands

Jeff is kind, compassionate, and so good at what he does. You’re in safe and capable hands when you decide to allow Jeff to help you. Highly recommended!

Kate Mullane

Aesthetics Specialist

The kindest person I’ve met

Jeff is just amazing at Time Line Therapy® and I come back on a regular basis to have my timeline cleaned up. He truly is the kindest person I’ve met and is totally understanding and also a little bit funny. Highly recommend him 😊

Kayley Dowling

Business Owner

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