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Evolve your world

Two days that can change your life!

Imagine what you could accomplish in life when you have consistent alignment and harmony between your thoughts, feelings and actions.

EVOLVE your world is a unique, incomparable personal development experience that has the power to profoundly shift and change your life.

Learn about your complex and adaptive neural networks or ‘brains’ that reside in your heart and gut and how to tap into their deep, natural intuitive wisdom.

Why EVOLVE is the personal development training you need

What would change for you if you pursued your ambitions, plans and dreams every day?

What would your life be like if you could easily make decisions?

How might your relationships develop if you openly expressed your true emotions

How would it feel to be the version of you without those unwanted behaviours and habits?

How are you currently connecting with your deeper inner self?

Do you feel there is more influence and impact within you than you are bringing to the world right now?

If so, don’t miss this opportunity to learn the latest neuroscience-based techniques for personal development. Sign up for my mBIT EVOLVE personal development training today!

What does EVOLVE help you achieve?

This program draws upon the union of cutting-edge neuroscience and the dependable insights and wisdom of ancient global practices.

Evolve your World teaches multiple Brain Integration Techniques (mBIT) to align and connect your head, gut and heart brains using neuroplasticity to learn and grow new neural pathways.

Are you ready to invest in YOU and proactively take steps to change your life?

If you are, I personally invite you to join the neuroscience-backed revolution in personal and professional growth by signing up for the mBIT Evolve Personal Development training with me, Jeff Kidner.

What you’ll learn…

>> To use your head, heart & gut in their ‘highest expression’

>> To tap into the unlimited power of your multiple intelligences (brains)

>> To understand how to optimise the way your head, heart and gut interact, adapt and work together

>> To easily embrace and truly live your own personal brand of wisdom

Evolve Your World equips you with a dynamic framework and effortless practices to…

>> Quickly relieve and manage stress and anxiety

>> Develop and expand how you use your intuition

>> Process information and data more holistically to enable faster, more effective decisions

>> Unassumingly reveal your true self – comfortably, easily and more joyfully

What’s your investment?


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LEVEL mBIT EVOLVE personal development training
LOCATION Llanrumney Hall
Ball Road, Llanrumney,
Cardiff CF3 4JJ




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