Introducing the mBIT International Coach certification

Accelerate your coaching for deeper results

If you’re a coach, leader, manager, therapist, educator or someone with a passion for personal growth and development…

Imagine skyrocketing your impact by empowering yourself and others to overcome their inner conflicts and realise their potential to create a fabulous future

Boosting your effectiveness with a new coaching modality…

And streamlining and accelerating your coaching with deeper, longer lasting results.


Who is this for?

This certification is designed for those who want to expand their personal development toolkit and differentiate themselves in the coaching market.

mBIT international certified coaches continue to report that mBIT creates quicker and more lasting changes in clients and is an elegant and powerful addition to their existing toolkits.

Join me and start changing the world, one life at a time

mBIT combines the latest research in neuroscience and cognitive behaviour to provide a practical framework for self-evolution.

I personally invite you to join the neuroscience-backed revolution in personal and professional growth by becoming a certified mBIT international coach with me, Jeff Kidner.

If you’re ready to take this opportunity to become a leader in this newly emerging and exciting field, come and join the mBIT community today – and start changing the world, one life at a time.

What you’ll learn…

If, like me, you need to know all the details about what you’ll learn in this training, here they are…

>> How research in neuroscience has educated us about our 3 brains – and how the findings validate ancient teaching and practices

>> How you harness the innate intelligences and generative wisdom of your multiple brains through the process of mBraining

>> To adopt a suite of powerful yet super simple integration techniques, known as mBIT

>> The 9 prime functions of your head, heart and gut brains, and how they enhance and empower your talents and capabilities

>> The 5 classes of neural integration constraints, providing deep insight into how the brains could produce internal conflict within you and your clients (and how you can resolve this)

>> How to balance the autonomic nervous system (ANS) with the mBIT balanced breathing method that quickly relieves anxiety and stress to provide access to the intelligences of the 3 brains

>> How to work with your core competencies framework to quickly identify and modify unresourceful states and thinking

>> The technique of mBIT neural syntax mapping that reveals the supportive or destructive ways the 3 brains are functioning together.

>> The mBIT foundational sequence that ensures you’re working optimally with the 3 brains for focused, generative results

>> How to work with the mBIT neural integration engagements that amplify the effectiveness and power of your techniques when working with the intelligences of the 3 brains

What’s your investment?


Training dates


LEVEL mBIT Coach Certification

15th- 18th March 2024


21st-24th June 2024


11th-14th October 2024

TIMES 4 full days
9.30am – 5.00pm
LOCATION Llanrumney Hall
Ball Road, Llanrumney,
Cardiff CF3 4JJ






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