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What is NLP and How Can it Change Your Life?
The surprising ways NLP can improve your life

What is NLP? And how did it change my life?

I want you to know……

My intention for writing is to let know that it’s never too late to make BIG changes in your life, because,life is way too short to be miserable. Whether you are at the top of your pay grade dreaming of a promotion or just starting out in a new role feeling a bit out of your depth or maybe you’re a business owner doing things your own way but see yourself as a fumbler. We all sometimes feel that life could be better and wish we had a better handle on it, that’s natural and you will never be judged by me.

But do you remember those lofty dreams you had, many years ago, of a fabulous future. A future of fun, excitement and adventure? Where did those dreams go? Have you become one of the 85%? Or are you in the elusive 15% camp?

Highlighted in recent research of the worlds 1 billion full time workers, as many as 85% of us hate our jobs! That is quite staggering, don’t you think, when we hear so much in the media about focusing on happiness, wellbeing and fulfilment in life. So what keeps us in these jobs we dislike so much, what prevents us going after that life we once dreamt about?

It’s all about the unconscious mind…

Let’s start with knowing what keeps us where we are.

This is down to our amazing unconscious minds. The 95% of our thinking that happens automatically, driving our thoughts and behaviours, without us even knowing it. This part of your mind uses your life experiences to develop values, beliefs and strategies that are designed to keep you safe. So if you had an awful experience, just like I did, when you presented for the first time. You can rest assured that your unconscious mind will do everything in its power to STOP you repeating that event!

In this way you build up a whole host of fears, phobias and beliefs that are untrue about you. Leading to thoughts and behaviours that make venturing into new things seem outrageously scary. Your mind will tell you all sorts of lies, are any of these examples familiar to you?

You won’t be able to do this!

Who do you think you are, just stop right now!

They are all going to be laughing at you now!

I don’t think you deserve this!

This is going to be sh*t and then your cover will be blown!

No need to worry if they do, trust me, you are definitely not alone! These are the most common lies my clients tell me they encounter in their pre-NLP lives. I even had them myself once upon a time.

But there is a powerful way to reprogram those thoughts….

NLP? What’s NLP I hear you say……

NLP is the acronym for one of the most powerful personal and professional development approaches I have ever encountered. A coaching intervention that quite literally changed my life at the ripe old age of 43. It’s an acronym for the discipline called Neuro Linguistic Programming. No prizes for the person who came up with that title!!!!

So it was May of 2011 and I am working as a Continuous Improvement Manager, a job I had done for the previous 13 years. I hated it! The smells of the manufacturing plant, the culture of the business, the lack of life balance and the feeling I had stepped into a surreal life that I didn’t want to be in. I started having stomach issues, chest pains, panic attacks and feelings of low mood. Bordering on depression I would say now, on reflection. When the opportunity of redundancy came up I was delighted and grabbed it with both hands!

My confidence was rock bottom, my health was the worst it had been for decades and I was plain miserable with life. Not fun to be around at all and I felt like I dragged myself through each and every day. I knew sonething had to change but I didn’t know what. As an ADHDer I love researching and get lost on the interweb for days when I latch onto a topic I love.

I discovered mindset coaching and in particular NLP, then that was it, I devoured all the info I could get my hands on and knew I would have to get certified as a practitioner. I came across the amazing Laura Evans of Unleash Your Potential and double bonus, she was based in South Wales like me 🙂 I completed the Practitioner course, then the coach course and then the Master Coach course, it is quite addictive once you start studying this stuff.

So what did NLP do for me once I qualified?

During qualification, as a student, you experience ALL the techniques you are taught. This means that I have personally experienced EVERY coaching intervention I offer my clients, I know how it works and more importantly the scale of the postitive outcomes it can provide.

NLP is a way of opening your mind and reprogramming what’s going on in there, giving yourself an upgrade. Just as you would if your laptop started to slow down or when your software has new features that can only be accessed by upgrading. It puts you in charge of your feelings and so you control your behaviour which ultimately means you control your results.

I was able to finally accept myself for the person I am, warts and all. (I don’t have warts actually, though I was covered in them as a child and had them chemically burned off! ouch). I accepted myself, believed in myself and totally trusted myself for the first time ever. It was a completely new version of myself and I absolutely loved it. The nervous stomach pain had gone, the headaches, the not feeling good enough, the comparisonitis and the holding myself back had all disappeared. And never returned.

Phew that was a relief…..

Today, as founder and owner of Creating Fabulous Futures I help people like you achieve what I did. I help you reprogram those thoughts, values and beliefs that prevent you creating the fabulous future you deserve. I help you create contentment, happiness, health and fulfilment. Feelings of joy and peace that allow you to create a balanced life of work, love and play so you smile and laugh more and enjoy being YOU.


If you want to know more then in touch and let;’s see how we can work together.


Remember , life is way too short to be miserable and you deserve better.