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The 5 Fastest & Pain Free Ways to Gain Personal Power
The 5 fastest and pain free ways to gain personal power

The 5 Fastest & Pain Free Ways to Gain Personal Power


What is Personal Power and Why is it Important?

It is NOT about influencing others or the positional authority that comes with a senior role in an organisation because Personal Power is an internal magic that allows you to step into your true self and really enjoy the skin you’re in. To be deeply and authentically YOU. It’s important because it enables you to confidently bring your WHOLE self to the world. And being TRULY happy doing it! Personal Power is THE key to your happiness.

From thousands of hours of coaching others to create and nurture their Personal Power, I created the model below, illustrating how I grow Personal Power for myself and my clients.

The Kidner Konnect model of personal power

Personal Power is actually the result of building a solid foundation of self-acceptance, self-belief and trust because this foundation allows your self-confidence and resilience to flourish. Then the magic happens for you when your Personal Power is unleashed, only then can you start creating your fabulous future!

How do I KNOW When I Have Personal Power?

Picture this.

You see a job advert for a role you’ve always wanted to do. It pays well, it’s close to where you live and it feels like a perfect next step on your career ladder. You have all the qualifications they ask for, all the attributes they believe the next job holder must have. But there a few areas of the role you haven’t encountered before, so you don’t apply. Because you don’t want to look stupid in the interview.

That’s not Personal Power.

Personal Power is applying for the role anyway. Researching the areas that you haven’t encountered. Identifying the knowledge and experience you have that is similar. Looking for opportunities to experience that new thing. Know how to upskill yourself in that area.

That is Personal Power.

Do you recognise this situation?

You are asked to present the outstanding results of a piece of work you completed to a peer group outside your organisation. This would bring heaps of credibility, status and visibility to you and your organisation. But you lose sleep sweating and worrying about making a mess of it and embarrassing yourself, so you pull out.

This is not Personal Power.

Accepting the invitation and practicing until you’re comfortable, getting support from a seasoned speaker and coaching for confidence is Personal Power.

I am sure you will have experienced this too….

You are in a meeting and someone is speaking over you and not letting you voice your thoughts. You stand your ground and make a calm, considered interjection that ensures your voice is heard.

That is Personal Power.

Someone pays you a compliment about your appearance, you smile happily and say thank you and think no more about it, though it does put a skip in your step for a little while.

This is Personal Power.


Personal Power cannot be gifted to you, it’s created by you from within yourself.


How do I Start Growing My Personal Power?

If you are excited how to do this, then my 5 secrets will help you on your way to unlocking it:




You are a unique, fabulous creation of a human being and YOU fully deserve to live the life of your dreams. Understand yourself, your likes, your loves, your skills, your desires and ambitions. It’s OK to be as ambitious as you want. Wherever you are in life right now, that’s OK. Give yourself full permission to SEE that future version of yourself. FEEL what it’s like to really BE that version of you. HEAR what you’re saying to yourself when you’re that version of you and repeat it over and over.




By knowing YOUR skills and expertise that are NATURAL and FLOW easily for you, you can position yourself correctly as an AUTHORITY and value provider. Contributing to the growth of your employer or your business, through growing yourself. Be proud of what you’ve achieved so far. Not compared to others, just compared to where you were yesterday. Celebrate success and learn from the mistakes. Look for opportunities and put yourself forward. If you don’t ask you won’t get.




Self-doubting criticism is THE fastest way to drain your tank of personal power.  Leaving you low on energy, spirit, motivation and drive. Get those negative thoughts banished from the conversations you’re having with yourself. Replace them with more positive and empowering knowledge that inspires you to TAKE ACTION and move closer to a life you LOVE, one action at a time.




COURAGE is a function of the GUT neural network, a complex nervous system with enough complexities for neuroscientists to call it a BRAIN. Fear kicks in when we move forward to new versions of ourselves. Your unconscious mind’s main job is to keep you safe. Remember that becoming a more successful person brings elements of danger, triggering a response from the gut brain of being unsafe. Often shows up as Imposter Syndrome. Know that this is a normal reaction, reaffirm your relative safety and desire to make the forward change, and enjoy the magic.




People with high Personal Power KNOW when to reach out and seek assistance. It’s EMPOWERING to do so because it moves you faster toward that goal of the life YOU love. Elite sports people ALWAYS have a coach, usually a team of them. So why wouldn’t you expect to have someone supporting and guiding you as an elite professional. They can often point out your blind spots you would never discover by yourself, accelerating your growth exponentially.

In essence what I am saying here is…

Personal Power is an internal magic that empowers you to step into the truest version of yourself and live the happiest version of your life possible. Building self-acceptance, belief and trust will create the confidence and resilience you need to unleash your Personal Power.

You can accelerate the release of your Personal Power with these 5 secrets:

  • Know who you are and where you’re going.
  • Understand your value and be your own cheerleader.
  • Strangle the self-doubt and boost the affirmation.
  • Acknowledge the fear.
  • Be comfortable seeking support.


What is next for you?


As someone with an interested in personal development you could:

Take a look at this short video for a deeper dive into what I understand about Imposter Syndrome. https://youtu.be/sqYGg5Ndbu4

Or if you feel drawn to reach out for assistance in creating your personal power, then you can book a pressure free conversation with me here: https://calendly.com/creating-fabulous-futures/30min


Or you can just go back to exactly how you were before 😊 all good with me.


Sending you a huge bunch of Kidner Kindness now have a fabulous day!