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What is mBIT? and why is it the best way to overcome anxiety?
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mBIT the ultimate weapon against overthinking and anxiety!


Are you an anxious professional who constantly overthinks and feels stuck on that never ending plateau of potential?

Plodding along, living a life that is comfortable and OK but not the one you dreamt of as a youngster!

Constantly fearing there will come a day when you realise your life has drifted by and now it’s too late to do anything about it?


Fear not!  Because there’s a fascinating solution that can supercharge your thinking and transform your life: mBIT – Multiple Brain Integration Techniques. Come with me on a little trip into the world of mBIT and discover how it can propel you beyond your mental blocks and limitations to start creating YOUR fabulous future.


What is mBIT?


mBIT is a cutting-edge approach that combines trusted, ancient wisdom that’s been passed down through the ages with the rigour of modern neuroscience. mBIT unifies the intelligence and wisdom of three brains – the Head Brain, the Heart Brain, and the Gut Brain. These three brains work in harmony, optimizing your decision-making, problem-solving, and overall well-being. It’s like having your own personal trio of superhero brains! Yay!!


Say Goodbye to Overthinking!


One of the major hurdles for anxious professionals is the habit of overthinking. YOU know all about that though, right? Stuck in a loop of “What if” and “Should I,” while the solution remains just out of reach? Well mBIT comes rushing to the rescue, as it fosters a seamless flow of communication between your Head, Heart, and Gut Brains, allowing you to make decisions more efficiently, using the innate wisdom of all 3 brains.


Daily Activity Tip: Try the 3-Step Decision Dance! When faced with a dilemma, pause for a moment and ask your Head, Heart, and Gut Brains for their input. Listen to each brain’s perspective, and then let them vote together on the best course of action.


Bust through the Plateau of Potential!


Feeling stuck on that plateau of potential can be so demotivating. You know you have what it takes, but something holds you back. With mBIT, you’ll skyrocket beyond that plateau, tapping into your full capabilities and unleashing your hidden talents. Creating the fabulous future you know you deserve.


Daily Activity Tip: The Potential Power-Up! Every morning, jot down one task or skill you’ve always wanted to master. At the end of the day, reflect on how each brain contributed to your progress. You’ll be amazed at how mBIT can elevate your journey to new heights.


Banish Workplace Stress!


Workplace stress is the biggest barrier to exceptional productivity and creativity. It clouds your thinking, hinders your performance, and zaps your energy. But fear not, mBIT is a stress-busting champion! The Heart Brain fosters emotional intelligence, the Gut Brain reduces anxiety, and the Head Brain generates innovative solutions to navigate challenging situations.


Daily Activity Tip: Spread the Gratitude Glitter! Take a moment during your lunch break to express gratitude to a colleague or appreciate a small win. Gratitude activates all three brains, and before you know it, stress will retreat like a defeated villain.


Enhance Communication and Relationships!


Miscommunication leads to a host of problems, especially in a professional setting. Using mBIT effectively helps you become a communication maestro. The Head Brain ensures clarity, the Heart Brain enhances empathy, and the Gut Brain strengthens intuition. It’s like having a Universal Translator for your thoughts and feelings.


Daily Activity Tip: The Empathy Exercise! Engage in active listening during team meetings or one-to-one conversations. Before responding, take a moment to identify the emotions behind the words. This practice will harmonize your three brains and build rapport with your colleagues.


Boost Creativity and Innovation!


Are you busting to unleash your creative genius? mBIT encourages you to embrace your imaginative side fearlessly. The Head Brain will fuel you with knowledge, the Heart Brain will inspire passion, and the Gut Brain will infuse the courage to take bold risks.


Daily Activity Tip: The Idea Incubator! Keep a small notebook handy and jot down any creative ideas that pop into your head throughout the day. In your free time, revisit those ideas, let your three brains collaborate, and who knows, you might just stumble upon the next big breakthrough!


Wrap-up: Unleash Your mBIT Superpowers!


Embracing MBIT is like unlocking the superpowers within you. It empowers you to overcome overthinking, blast through plateaus, conquer stress, and foster better communication and creativity. So, dear anxious professionals, unleash your mBIT trio and embark on a journey of personal and professional growth like never before!


Remember, the road to change starts with small daily activities. Embrace the fun and wonderful world of MBIT, and soon you’ll find yourself soaring to new heights of success and fulfilment. The only question left is, are you ready to become the superhero of your life?


You can dive in even deeper and learn all about mBIT and the associated training HERE