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Is it Stress or Anxiety? – How to Tell Them Apart & Train Them to Behave
Are stress and Anxiety the same thing?

Hey, my overthinking, stressed out friend!

As you soar through the high-flying world of corporate life, it’s not unusual to feel the occasional turbulence once in a while. But wait, are those jitters just stress, or the unwelcome guest called anxiety, sneaking into the executive suite of your mind? Fear not, my fabulous friend, because you’re about to embark on a wonderful journey to unravel the mysteries of stress and anxiety. And, of course, pave the way for a future as bright as a diamond-studded PowerPoint presentation!

The Sneaky Nemeses: Stress & Anxiety

Imagine yourself flying through the corporate skies for a moment. Stress is that pesky turbulence, that shakes up your flight but ultimately ebbs away just like a passing cloud. It’s the pressure-cooker feeling before that big presentation or the adrenaline rush when deadlines loom overhead. On the other hand, anxiety is the mischievous, smelly gremlin sitting next to you, whispering doubts in your ear, creating a cloud of worry that just won’t budge. While stress pops in for a quick visit, anxiety overstays its welcome, hogging your inner mental space like a nasty dose of the flu.

Symphony of Symptoms: Stress v Anxiety

Picture this: Your inbox is singing a symphony of urgent emails, and your to-do list is longer than the queue for free hot cakes at the coffee shop. That’s stress serenading you with palpitations, sweaty palms, and a racing mind. It’s the body’s way of saying, “Hey, let’s get this done – chop-chop!”. Now, anxiety? Ah, it’s a maestro of its own. Imagine a constant loop of catastrophic thoughts, the “what ifs” playing on repeat like an annoying Kylie pop song. Sleepless nights, restlessness, and that painful knot in your stomach. That’s anxiety orchestrating its grand performance. All in a bid to keep you safe, rooted deep into your comfort zone.

The Fabulous Future Fix

Now, let’s not wallow in the corporate blues. As an mBIT coach, that’s multiple Brain Integration Techniques, darling. I’m here to sprinkle a dash of glitter on your fabulous future. Instead of letting stress and anxiety crash your executive party, let’s channel your inner superhero. Acknowledge stress, invite it in for a cup of chamomile tea, and show it the exit door once the crisis is averted. As for anxiety, take a moment to shine a light on those fears, challenge them like a strategic game of chess. Then watch them crumble like a house of cards.

Tell Me More About mBIT

Multiple Brain Integration Techniques (mBIT), is a beautiful holistic coaching approach.  Exploring the exciting concept of multiple intelligences, that neuroscientists have shown to be present within your head, heart, and gut. This gentle, innovative approach unites seamlessly with recent neuroscientific research. Revealing the profound impact of the heart and gut on cognitive functions and emotional well-being. Helping you be more creative, compassionate and courageous about creating your fabulous future, so you sparkle brighter than ever!

For stressed and overthinking professionals, mBIT offers a truly transformative method of evicting anxiety and stress from your life. By harmonising these three intelligences. The head brain, the researcher, responsible for creative and analytical thinking, can be balanced with the heart brain, the director associated with compassion and emotional intelligence. And with the gut brain, the project manager linked to intuition, safety and instinct. By really, truly, integrating these three intelligences, you gain a deep, comprehensive understanding of situations. Enabling far more effective decision-making and emotional regulation that’s congruent with your dreams and desires.

mBIT empowers you to access the coherent wisdom of your head, heart, and gut brains. Sky rocketing resilience and reducing the impact of stressors. mBIT gifts professionals like you with a magical toolkit to manage stress, navigate complex situations, and enhance overall well-being. Offering a holistic and integrated solution for the demands of a high-pressure work environment.

What Next?

You can get started here with balanced breathing. A simple two minute technique that regulates your nervous system into balance. Gifting you with a few hours of neural coherence and laser like focus to get stuff done!

Remember, my fantastic friend, stress and anxiety may try to gate-crash your corporate soirée. But armed with the power of awareness and the magic wand of mBIT coaching, you’re destined for a future so fabulous it could rival a Forbes cover story!

You can book an initial discussion with me here and explore the best way to help you create that fabulous future you keep dreaming about.

Or you can do nothing and stay where you are.

But in the meantime, here’s to conquering stress, banishing anxiety, and strutting into your magnificent future like the absolute rockstar you are! 🚀✨